Hackers Belong ;

First and foremost if you're currently in a dark place and feel like you might harm yourself or others please seek IMMEDIATE help now! Here are two links that can help you!




We here are not experts on this subject! We however find ourselves on a path that even though like yours is our own we know that there are others sharing a similar journey.
This site is a place to start a conversation to shed a light on a serious issue facing many including those in the Hacker community! We will update this site with content to hopefully further the discussion. We will have blog post from contributors who will discuss their personal journey while dealing with depression and/or other challenges they may be facing. We hope to create events offline that take place AFK in the sunlight! We want to have meetups and discussions at Hacker conferences and Hacke/Maker spaces around the globe. This site hopefully will grow with more contributions from the community!

We look at it from the Hacker's perspective that we have a bug in our source code. It requires a patch but more importantly it requires a responsible disclosure to oneself above all else!

So stay tuned and understand you are not alone!! You are here and you belong;

One final note you may be wondering why we use the semicolon in our name. It comes from this site


Their site explains "A semicolon is used when an author could've ended a sentence but chose not to. You are the author and the sentence is your life."

We will be adding more resources as time goes by and getting a whole website dedicated to this very important subject!

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