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People to follow on Twitter

A growing list of smart, passionate Hackers on Twitter that constantly provides valuable information! Ranging from the latest news on breaches & exploits to the newest cat memes! ;-)

Please understand this is not a definitive list and will be added to periodically! Also There is no specific order to the entries!
:-) All equally great people! :-)

@HackingDave @sehnaoui @thedarktangent @jmcmurry @mubix @mmurray @oncee @Beaker @tarah @jack_daniel @singe
@selenakyle @dakami @foxgrrl @achillean @astera @jaybeale @securityweekly @WeldPond @secureideas
@snipeyhead @tottenkoph @dinodaizovi @grecs @SecBarbie @samykamkar @joegrand @InsiderThreats
@Carlos_Perez @marcusjcarey @hdmoore @carnal0wnage @hackajar @edskoudis @41414141 @thegrugq
@hackerfantastic @irongeek_adc @csoandy @bagomojo @briankrebs @KimZetter @heidishmoo @dotMudge @Ben0xA
@dklinedinst @TheLightCosine @elkentaro @BrandenWilliams @J4vv4D @cantcomputer @d0tslash @jaysonstreet
@integgroll @shortxstack @georgiaweidman @JMP_EBP @Jabra @chriseng @marcwrogers @rybolov @rfidiot @TheSuggmeister