The iR0nin Concept

Let us be clear right at the beginning. iR0nin is not a movement, an organization, a group, a collective, etc.... It is the concept that if ONE person can make a difference on their own. Then let us help them do that! iR0nin does that by finding sites, blogs & presentations that will help individuals learn how to be a voice for the Hacking community.

On this site you will find links to news sites the have current information on infosec related topics. So if you are to be interviewed you can brush up on the current facts to make sure you are providing accurate information.

We will also be linking to blogs from across the community. We will not promote, endorse or even agree with all the links we provide. They are here for you to learn from or ignore whichever you choose.

We will also be providing links to videos of past presentations from people we think have helped explain the hacker ethos, presented an educational talk about our hacking community or just a good clip to help show others who we are & what we do.